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​An Englishman, an American and an Australian walk into a bar.....*

A conversation in New York between a vintage sports watch collector and a watch dealer led to the creation of RallyStraps International, or RalStra for short. The collector wanted authentic straps for his collection of vintage sports watches. The dealer suggested making them . An Australian offered to design the logo.


Chronograph, Diver and Sports watches from the 1950s onwards have great appeal to the vintage watch enthusiast. A complete full set has always been highly prized - and that includes watch bands, straps and buckles. Original equipment manufacture (OEM) items such as straps were made from leather, canvas, nylon, Corfam or rubber, and were intended  to be disposable. These originals have since became  extremely valuable in their own right - but often could not be worn without becoming damaged.

RalStra straps are authentic reproductions of the original straps, made with custom dies and metal presses. All have the unique Ralstra 3 hole-drilled buckle fitted.  They give the vintage watch the correct period "feel" with narrow tapering ends, supersoft and supple leather (which echoes the rubber or Corfam originals),  and the correct hole patterns, single floating keepers and stitching.

The straps give a new lease of life to vintage and modern watches. Why buy a new watch - get the right strap instead!

* The bar was Lucky Jacks on Orchard Street, NYC

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